Why you should still consider buying a smart TV

Smart Tv

With the introduction of Tv streaming devices, the knowledge of their use may make you think twice about why you should still consider buying a Smart Tv for your home. Is it worth buying, considering you could buy a tv streaming device for a cheap price and connect it to your current one to make it smart tv? Moreover, Smart TVs are expensive ranging from £299 – £6,000 depending on the features and functionalities they provide. All these can make you conclude not to buy a smart tv when considering a tv for your home.

According to reports, smart tvs’ penetration of UK households is 57% in 2020. This is a substantial increment from previous years. Unfortunately, this growth may be hindered by the continual positive revenues made by the tv streaming devices market. As tv streaming devices can serve as a substitute for smart TVs, their continual increase in market share could halt or lead to perpetual low sales of smart TVs.

Despite all the negatives, these are the reasons smart TVs are still worth buying over any innovations that might want to displace them:

  1. Standalone device – smart TVs are independent of connections with external devices to function. You do not need to purchase and connect a tv streaming device or tv antenna for it to perform its function, it is sufficient alone; plug it into electricity, turn it on, connect to a wireless internet connection and you can start watching your favorite shows.
  2. Numerous apps – Apps are built to make life easier. One of the reasons that make Smart TVs smart is because they contain numerous apps. An example is the Sony ZH8 which contains at least 5000 apps. These are unique and useful in comparison to tv streaming devices. You can use apps like web browsers for accessing the internet instead of your pc device, apps for fitness exercises, apps for video conferencing, and many more. Check out the best smart TVs here to benefit from these apps.
  3. Multiple Smart Agents – Smart agents such as Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant help in building a smart home. You can talk to them on devices they reside on to perform smart actions such as turn on the kitchen lights or show who is at the door on the tv. Most tv streaming devices contain smart agents which are only applicable to them. for example – Alexa for amazon fire stick, Google assistant for Google Tv. This limits the capability of a smart home. On the contrary, smart TVs are independent of vendors and therefore contain multiple smart agents, making, making them adaptable to smart homes.
  4. Connectivity – Connectivity options make room for adaptability with external devices and enhancements of capabilities. Unlike tv streaming devices, smart TVs usually contain multiple connectivity options. For example, you can connect your camera via a USB cable to view slideshows of photos on your smart tv. You can send movies you are watching from other devices such as your phone with the aid of in-built programs such as Chromecast and Airplay to your smart tv.
  5. Creativity – Some smart TVs have features that allow users to manipulate motion pictures and sounds to their preferences. They contain equalizers to enhance sound effects and AI capabilities to enhance motion pictures. These features can be very useful if you are in the movie-making industry, they can be used to enhance the output of recordings.  These features are not available with most tv streaming devices.
  6. Warranty – They are usually backed by a solid warranty ranging from one to multiple years to secure customers’ confidence in case they are damaged. This is usually a reward for how pricey they are. The same cannot be said of a cheap tv streaming device which you can easily replace if anything goes wrong, instead of waiting in customer queues. 
  7. A good fit for the home – The widescreen, the video quality in 4k, 8k, and high audio quality make them a perfect device that fits in with the decoration of your family home.

It appears that smart TVs offer plurality options in connectivity, smart agents, and many more relative to the competition. These provide adaptability in any situation of usage which can be very beneficial. Imagine the smart tv you use in your home can also be used in your office meeting for slide-view presentations. The longevity proposed by the warranty in conjunction with the plurality option beats the cost and makes smart TVs buy-worthy when you are in the market for tv options.  Check out the best smart TVs.

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