The Best TV Streaming Devices Under £100

Smart Tv Streaming Devices

The era of watching antenna Tv is fast fading. The introduction of TV channels in apps is a new era and this brings Tv devices into a new dimension – the invention of smart TVs and tv streaming devices. For more about smart TVs refer to this post

Tv streaming devices as the name implies allow you to watch tv channels on your tv by plugging them into an HDMI or USB port of your TV. They make use of internet connection and are therefore mobile – you can use it at any place and at any time and with compatible TVs. But which is the best when considering which to buy? Below is the list of options we think might interest you:

  1. Amazon fire stick – this is a tv streaming device produced by amazon. It comes in two variants: Amazon fire stick lite with voice remote control (£29.99) and the Amazon fire stick 4k with voice remote control (£49.99). As their names imply the price increase is in accordance to the quality of video production. In comparison to its competitors, the user interface design quality is average. The app store is loaded with lots of  apps for gaming, music and movies. It is enhanced with numerous capabilities such as screen casting and mirroring, Alexa voice control. This device is highly  recommended if you are looking for an affordable  good enough tv streaming device.
  1. Roku Tv – this is the pioneer of Tv streaming devices. Roku endeavours to make its product compatible with many Tv devices by offering three types of its devices – Roku Express – for high definition and HDMI compatible Tv, Roku Premiere – for 4k , High definition and HDMI compatible TVs and Roku Streaming stick – 4k, High definition, USB Compatible and wireless connectivity TVs. In comparison to its competitors, the Roku Tv has limited apps and no gaming capability is available. The user interface is neat and simple in design. The remote has a voice assistance functionality making you to search and navigate the user interface by voice, The Roku tv is also compatible with Alexa and Google home making it fit for majority of the home smart setup  which means you can speak to google or Alexa to pause the video  on Roku at any time. This device is recommended if you are looking for an ordinary tv streaming device with a very low budget. Prices – £29.99 (Express), £39.99 (Premiere) and £49.99 (Streaming stick).
  1. Chromecast with google tv – this is the latest Tv streaming device manufactured by Google. As the name of the product implies, it is a Chromecast in addition to google tv.  The introduction of google tv to the Chromecast capabilities is the new innovation  from google to compete with other Tv streaming devices. The google tv is a user interface that allows users to navigate apps on the tv. In comparison to its competitors, at the time of this writing it is relatively new and thus some of its capabilities have not been perfected. For example, some apps like Apple Tv just got on it, stadia -the google online gaming platform app is not working (but promises have been made by google to get it working by next year). The user interface is very beautiful, looks like an authentic android tv and very responsive regardless of the internet connection. The remote device is nicely designed with less buttons and a google voice assistant button. This device nicely fits into a google devices smart home setup, which means you can call on google to switch on your kitchen lights or show the person at the door on the tv screen by speaking to the remote control. Most importantly for all its quality features it comes at £59.99 price. This device is highly recommended if you are looking for a mid-quality tv streaming device and on a low budget.
Streaming devicePriceCompatible voice- assistant Gaming
Roku Tv£29.99 (Express), £39.99 (Premiere), £49.99 (Streaming stick)Alexa, Google homeNo
Amazon fire stick£29.99 (lite), £49.99 (4k)AlexaYes
Google Tv Chromecast£59.99Google homeYes
Comparison table for Best Tv Streaming Devices under £100.

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