Samsung is in deep love with women with its new watch5 series update.

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Today Samsung released as part of its updates for the Samsung watch5 series a skin-temperature-based cycle tracking. This update will aid the existing Cycle tracking feature to have deeper insights into the menstrual cycle and the health of users.

The update was developed in conjunction with Natural Cycles. According to Natural Cycles, Basal body temperature changes with ovulation and the menstrual cycle. The Samsung watch then uses its sensor technology to measure the basal body temperature through the skin on your wrist. This type of temperature is very sensitive and because of this, the wacth5 uses an infrared technology sensor and measures the time when the user is sleeping. This tracking helps to track ovulation and when the menstrual cycle will begin. With the accumulation of these types of data, the Cycle tracking feature is then able to provide recommendations on the health of users and what to do before or after the menstrual cycle.

This update will be released today in Korea, the United States and 32 European countries.

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