“Matter Certified”, what does it mean?

Smart Home

The setup of a smart home is easy, but it comes with a limitation – the incompatibility of smart devices. Your chosen ecosystem for your smart home will often include devices that are compatible with each other; produced by the same manufacturer or usage of the same smart assistant. The disadvantage of this is the exclusion of smart devices not compatible with the ecosystem and thus, the limited capability of your smart home. You can now buy a smart thermostat with a “Matter Certified” badge regardless of the manufacturer and the ecosystem of a smart home and be sure to connect it seamlessly.

Thanks to “Matter Certified”!!! Your Smart home can have access to unlimited smart devices and thus have huge capabilities that you may imagine, as long as the new smart devices you introduce to the ecosystem have the label; “Matter Certified”.

“Matter” is a new specification by the Connectivity Standard Alliance in conjunction with its over 180 members who specialise in the production and development of IoT devices. The aim of the new specification is to ensure interoperability and secure connectivity between smart devices. This enables flexibility, the integration of multiple ecosystems in a smart home and the integration of Matter Certified devices and Matter Uncertified devices.

Watch how the Matter Specification works in this video:

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