How to turn your TV into a smart tv

How tos Smart Tv

Have you been thinking about changing your TV recently, probably replacing it with a smart TV? A simple answer to your train of thought is that you may not need a smart TV but make your TV smart.

In the past to watch a favourite show on TV, you might need a TV antenna or a box supplied by your broadband provider. The downside of these approaches is that they are prone to technical glitches, which can then live your TV completely useless because of its dependency on them. For example, consider your antenna being broken by strong wind or the cable leading to your TV box being broken. These will leave you staring at the TV with nothing to watch.

The introduction of the smart TV cut away these dependencies. Smart TVs have operating systems built into them that allow for the usage of apps. And with most broadcasting channels having their apps you do not need an external antenna – for example BBC iplayer, sky app, etc. You do not also need to watch Netflix or other streaming subscriptions on mobile devices because these apps are available on smart TVs. For more about the features of smart TVs check here. The downside of smart TVs is that they don’t come cheap.

So if you want to avoid spending more money buying a TV or elude the inconvenience provided by external devices. The way forward is to make your TV smart.

In order to make your TV smart, you need 3 things:

 An internet connection: This could be an ethernet connection or wireless connection depending on the plug n play TV device you decide to purchase. Overall, the internet connection you decide must be good enough to handle downloads. This is because you will have to stream a huge amount of media from the internet via apps.  

A TV that has a USB port or HDMI port: Your TV must have a USB port or HDMI port. 

A Tv Streaming device: This device will be plugged into your TV via USB port or HDMI port. They have the capability to connect to the internet via a wireless connection or ethernet connection. They include Apple TV, Roku TV, amazon fire stick, Google Chromecast TV. Check out our reviews here.

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