Best Smart TVs to Consider in 2021

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2020 was a year many of us learnt to stay at home because of the lockdown due to the pandemic. Our screen times increased drastically from viewing Tv shows, gaming and social media on phones. It is no surprise that the number of subscriptions  to Netflix increased during the time. It’s 2021 and the wave of the pandemic is still present, with governments in many countries encouraging people to work from home if possible. It looks as if we all have to learn how to stay at home. 

Since, Tv have become a mandatory asset during this period it is good to consider the best Smart TVs for screen times. Our recommendations are based on your experiences during the lockdown period. For instance, high screen times could lead to loss of focus on images, lockdown could also lead to bad mental health and sitting on the couch most of the time without regular exercise can be bad for health. Here are the list of recommendations that we think solves these dilemmas –

  • Sony BRAVIA A90J – if you watch tv most of the time, then you may be prone to lack of focus especially during long hour movies. This TV can help you maintain focus throughout the day. The new technology developed by Sony for all BRAVIA series has a cognitive processor that helps we humans see and hear. This understanding allows it to manipulate the screen colours, increase contrast of images that are essential for good attention. 

Price: £2,699 (Financing available)

You may also be eligible for the Sony WH-1000XM3 Noise Cancelling Over-Ear Headphones at no extra cost.

  • Samsung QN90A Neo QLED – the Neo QLED versions of Samsung smart TVs have been designed to fit into the lifestyles of those who stay at home most of the time. If you work from home or switch between gadgets to get things done this smart tv might be what you want. Some of its outstanding  features aside from great picture quality are – It has multi-view features that allows the screen to split into a maximum of 4 sections. This allows you for instance  to watch movies and make video calls  at the same time. Home Fitness software is also developed into this smart Tv that allows you to do and monitor your fitness exercises by showing videos on screen. This can serve as a replacement for your regular mobile app fitness software or physical fitness machines. It can be also connected to a wireless pc keyboard where it serves as a pc monitor for your home office. 

The Neo QLED version comes in various screen sizes but we have chosen the 65” because relatively it comes at a cheaper.

Price: £2,799 (finance @ £58.31/month).

  • Philips 805 (OLED805) – this TV is exceptional in picture quality and manipulations. It features AI technology that does image processing for quality production. In addition the user also has options to manipulate images produced at high level. 

This version of  Philip smart tv comes in two screen sizes 55” and 65”. Prices at £1,198 and £1,748 respectively.

Check the latest prices here.

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