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Cleanliness is a vital part of our daily life activities whether we are cooking, taking care of pets or children, hiking or running etc. This leads to dirt in the environment we live in, especially the floor; which is one of the largest touchpoint areas for businesses and homes when it comes to cleaning (ICE Cobotics). Thus, it is important the floor must always be kept clean.

Keeping the floor clean has huge benefits for our well-being. Some of these benefits are:

  1. Prevention of accidents – the environment can be kept safe from trips, slips, and falls, caused by foreign substances such as oil spillages, splashes of water and rock particles if proper cleanliness of the floor is maintained.
  2. Good Indoor Air Quality – viruses are carried by air and can rest on floor surfaces before they are transmitted to their victims. Evidence has shown the translocation of Covid-!9 through doctors’ and nurses’ shoes from outside into the patient’s ward. The environment can also be kept safe from airborne diseases if proper cleanliness of the floor is maintained.
  3. Good health – pollutants, germs and allergens can be dispersed from floor surfaces to occupants of an environment when they move through them. This can cause discomfort and health issues to the occupants. Disinfection and routine cleanings of floor surfaces can prevent the presence of these foreign particles.

These benefits are good but realizing them can be a huge task. For example, having pets and children around in the house can lead to dirty floors from eating, playing, and pooing which implies multiple cleaning in a day. Having a substantial number of customers dining, time after time in a restaurant implies multiple cleaning in a day. Having busy schedules can hinder cleaning and favour outsourcing to professional cleaners. These can lead to labour repetition, boredom, stress, and fatigue. For business, it can also mean excessive cost of labour.

The advancement of technology in Artificial intelligence and IoT has led to the invention of robotics. In regard to cleaning, Smart Vacuum Cleaners have been invented that cater for the cleanliness of the floor of businesses and homes. These vacuum cleaners were designed to meet the requirements to put you off stress – they have the following capabilities:

  1. Automation – there is no need to bother about routine cleaning of the floor. Smart vacuum cleaners can be configured to perform routine cleaning tasks at specific times and locations.
  2. Non-human assisted – there is no need to bother about driving the mop or vacuum around. Switch them on and they will follow the program you set up for cleaning without you handling them.
  3. Multitaskers – there is no need of switching between a mop and a vacuum cleaner. A Smart vacuum cleaner does all. They clean all types of dirt and wash and dry the floor.
  4. Diligent workers – some have the capacity to clean large areas without running out.
  5. They can clean areas that are not easily accessible, such as underneath fridges, chairs etc.
Robot vacuum cleaner cleaning the floor.

These capabilities provide a huge benefit for old age people and people with disabilities. They are also the hallmarks of the technology that makes them preferred over traditional vacuum cleaners. Their efficiencies relative to professional cleaners and traditional vacuum cleaners are low but with proper scheduling and routine cleaning they achieve the intended results. Moreover, there is hope for high-efficiency results in the future as technology keeps advancing. Samsung JetBot A.I+, have a camera feature that transmits its video cleaning operations to your mobile device.  ICE Cobotics Whiz, have HEPA filters that help to improve air quality.

ICE Cobotics Whiz

Samsung JetBot A.I+
Samsung JetBot A.I+

If most of the specks of dirt we experience in our day-to-day on the floor are little ones, should we not consider the use of smart cleaners?

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